Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Shidokan Knockdown Strong Rules?

In looking at the different combat sport/arts out there, which one do I prefer to teach basic fighting. I say, Shidokan Strong Rules Karate. In this particular fight format, fighters fight bare knuckle, with all strikes except hand techniques to the face. Clinching, grabbing, throws, takedowns and quick submissions are allowed. In real fights, sophisticated grappling is not needed. Because Muay Thai is included in Shidokan, the clinch and knee is highly used in tournaments. The knee is such a powerful weapon. Strong body punches and low kicks are key weapons in bare knuckle. Conditioning the body to this type of punishment can only be done throw serious full contact training and conditioning. I know you are wondering about where the face punches are. A good shot or two is all you will probably get for real and you have to be careful not to injure hands. So, you would do well with the format. In a tournament, fighters are allowed 5 seconds on the ground to find a submission. Which means that a sense of urgency is needed. This is good for training fighters to get it over with quickly as on the street you won't have time to wait for the submission. Shidokan

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