Monday, November 18, 2013

The Search For Shidokan Triathletes

I have had the opportunity to be involved with Shidokan Triathlon fights for almost 14 years now. As a fighter, coach, match maker, and promoter, I have enjoyed awesome experiences. I am often asked when will there be another Shidokan Open or when will I promote another Triathlon tournament. Here's the problem. Karate guys don't fight anymore. Fighters as a whole are different than they were 10 years ago. The reason I say this is because guys fight for different reasons now. Some because they hope to become professionals who do it for a living (few are truly able to) or because they think it's cool and want some recognition. Now, there are some true warriors out there, but match makes always have a hard time finding dependable guys who will show to fight. For the 3 professional shows I put on, you'd think that I would find a lot of tough Karate fighters to fight on a Karate based (but not limited to karate guys) event. Nope! Most of the guys I got were MMA and Kickboxing fighters. The contact karate fighters didn't really want to fight or step outside of there organizations to fight. So, with all this said, I am starting a quest for fighters (of all styles) to find future triathletes for Shidokan fights. Here's what it looks like. Are you strong enough?

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