Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fight or Entertain?

Fighers get criticized for entertaining instead of just fighting. What should fighters do? Well, I will tell you this, whatever they want to do. Personally for me, it was always fun to fight. I liked competing and didn't feel the anger or rage of fighting. I was never mad. Now that doesn't mean that I took opponents lightling. They better the opponent, the better I performed because I look at it like chess. I fight mentally not physically. Angry bodies send off a certain kind of energy. The intent behind what one does and how they deliver their techniques are different when angry than when calm. I can sense it and read it. Just because you have fun doesn't mean that you are not trying to hurt or stop an opponent. Hurting an opponent doesn't have to be done because one is angry. I always wanted to win by stoppage over decision and at the same time have fun (I know it sounds sadistic).

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