Monday, December 30, 2013

UFC 168 Main and Semi Main Events

The UFC fights were great this past weekend. Chris Weidman showed all that his 1st win over Anderson Silva was not a fluke, meaning that he is a legitimate champion. It's unfortunate how the fight ended with Silva throwing a low kick, Weidman blocking it with his knee and breaking Silva's leg (in the 2nd round). Sometimes a fighter has another fighters as his Achilles heel and maybe Weidman is Silva's. Rousey vs. Tate II was a great fight with Ronda once again getting the armbar finish. Tate did do what no other has so far and that is get Rousey to the 3rd round. Rousey throw some punches and kicks for the first time and we saw some amazing throws and transitions from Rousey.

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