Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Best Submission Techniques, Chokes

In grappling you will all kinds of locks, cranks and submissions. Cool armbars and fancy leg locks. The philosophy behind joint locks is causing damage so your opponent can't use those limbs. But, I want you know to know that the best submission is a choke. You need to put them to sleep. When anger and adrenaline is flowing or if someone is on something (i.e. drugs, alcohol), their pain receptors are off. I've had students fight in MMA and Muay Thai and get their arms broken and in the 2004 Shidokan World Open, I had a heel hook applied (popping ankle and knee). We were all able to continue fighting. Keep in mind that some guys are hard to knockout and breaking their limbs while they're angry just makes them more angry. So make sure you learn some chokes.

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