Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boxer Vs Grappler Debate

Over the years we have seen heard the debate on who would win between a boxer and a grappler. In a sporting event most likely the grappler. In a bar fight or initial start of a fight were the first punch lands, most like the boxer. Or better yet in a boxing rules match, the boxer. Understand that boxers don't grapple. They punch and they punch better than most. We've all seen the James Toney vs. Randy Couture MMA fight. Toney was out of his element as the cage is a grappling based sport. In a boxing bout, Toney would win by KO. In looking at some of the bouts of over the hill boxers fighting K-1 and and Japanese wrestlers, we see the boxer enter the ring with his gloves and boots on using boxing against the kickboxer or gloveless wrester. Obviously it was for a quick buck. Being that boxing is a sport that focuses on punching, you will never see the wrestler, mma, or kickboxer fight the over the hill boxer in a boxing match. Why? Because they would most likely get knocked out. The debate is stupid as these sports are as different as International Football (soccer) to American Football. Check this out If you are a boxer, have the kickboxer and grappler fight you in a boxing match afterwards.

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