Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Martial Arts Need Combat Sports

I was looking at some debates on Martial Arts Vs. Traditional Arts. Some believe that martial arts become sports when you create tournaments, rules, etc. They see it as crippling the martial art. Martial arts are supposed to be spiritual and meditative. They are for expressing creativity. Combat sports are for competiton and this supposedly takes something away from the respect and discipline of traditional martial arts. I disagree. Combat sports provide a laboratory for martial artist to experiment. Martial Arts come out of war. Techniques used to kill can't be practiced safely. Most things you can do to another human being. You can grapple, punch, kick, choke, lock joints, etc. against a non-compliant person trying to do the same to you and live to tell about it. Combat sports allow you to experience things that drills and practice can't give you, but they can add to those drills and practice giving you a realistic view of combat.

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