Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flare Over Substance

In todays martial arts world, students are drawn to fancy techniques over the basics. In many sports, young athletes emulate theirs sports idols. The try to box like Ali, they try to play basketball like Jordan, etc. But they don't have their basics down. In martial arts, we want to do the flying armbars, the 360 degree round kick, etc. All those are cool moves, but you have to be able to apply the basics because you can always count on them over the flashy stuff. At seminars, I have seen instructors give novelty techniques to attendees. If they would go and see those instructors fight clips, they will see that many of them never do what they teach. The use the basics and when they're done the become like theorists and entertain their audience because they know people get bored. So, master your basics first before you show off.

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