Monday, October 20, 2014

Where's The Calvary?

Whenever competitions come up I try to get my students to compete. Competition allows you to test yourself and elevate your skills. The funny thing is that a week or 2 before these events, the number of competitors going dwindles. They have to go out of town, or they have to work (whereas they didn't work weekends before), and a host of other reasons. Now, I am talking about the guys who come and beat each other up in the gym and say that they want the fighter life but they really don't (and that's OK, just don't say you do if you really don't). On several occassions (actually about 15) I have hosted events over the years (fight shows, tournaments, etc.) and I've had great difficulty getting my own fighters to fight on them. I once had a guy commit to and event and leave a note on the door with a written excuse that he couldn't make it (one day before). Most who get in combat sports have the desire to get out there and compete, so, if you can, do it. You only live once.

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