Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Energy System For Fighting

How do you develop the endurance and conditioning for a fight? If you have to fight a 5 round kickboxing fight or a 3 round MMA fight, how do you train for them? If you are fighting 3 minute rounds, will training 4 rounds be better? Or, if you are fighting 5 minute rounds, should you train 6? The answer to both is, No. You should train for the duration of rounds that you will be fighting. If you are train for 3 minutes by doing 4, you will pace yourself for 4. If you run an 8 minute mile and want to get your time to 7 minutes, running 2 miles won't make you run the mile faster. You will pace yourself according to the length of time you are doing the activity. I'm not say the extra won't benefit you, but it won't make you more efficient at doing the competitive time frame that you are training for. When doing bagwork for example, you should be winded at the end of the round. If not, you aren't pushing yourself enough. It is your job to make sure that each round is a quality round of work and that you push yourself to expend energy. This will prepare you for the task at hand.

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