Thursday, April 30, 2015

Upcoming Floyd and Manny Fight

Here my thoughts on this weekends big fight between Mayweather and Pacman. I am not excited about it. Sure it is the biggest money fight of all time and what not. Both of the boxers are great champions. I like Pacquaio as a fighter more so than Floyd because he is a true warrior. Despite Floyd's talent, he hand picks fighters that have declined in ability and avoids top opposition. He sits back and watches fighters and waits until he sees a kink in their armour before he fights them. A true champion should want to fight the best opponents available all the time. He doesn't just fight for the biggest payday, but he fights to see if he is truly the best. Out of the two, Manny always brings it with the intent of doing damage, whereas Floyd will play it safe to get the win. Nothing is wrong with that, Floyd needs to fight Khan, Thurman, Garcia, Mattyse, Patterson, etc. There are a lot of tough fights that I don't think he will take. Now anything can happen in the fight game and either one of the two can win. I won't be suprised if we see a rematch as they can possibly make more money.

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  1. Manny made Floyd looked terrible last May 2. I think the fans deserve much better than Floyd ducking and hugging throughout the fight. A message from Manny Pacquiao's blog page aims to pacify the fans.