Thursday, April 2, 2015

Padding You Record

Very often you will see undefeated fighters with a lot of victories and 90% of the wins by KO. Everybody likes to see that badass that nobody can beat. But if you look at the business side of fighting you will see a fighter who has a manager and promoter who matches them with opponents that will produce a stellar record. This is so they can get into bigger promotions and what not. Now, there are some guys who are that good. But, a lot of times things are exaggerated or blown out of proportion. So, when looking at a fighter's record, see who they beat and even if they lost, see who the lost from. A lot of times, fighters with not so good records are really good. They may have been mismatched early on or if they were fighting a promoter's prospect, they may have gotton the worst of the decision (and yes, judges do cheat).

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