Sunday, November 22, 2015

Having Fun With Combat

I turned 49 this year and I am still a combat athlete. I competed in Taekwodo for 10 years, boxing for 6 years, kickboxing for kickboxing 14 years, Shidokan Triathlon for 5 years. I have competed as an amateur and a professional fighter. At one time in life I could do a Teakwondo tournament one weekend, a boxing tournament the next and a kickboxing match the next. I have training in Judo since the 90s. Of all those sports. Earlier this year, I even competed in Kata in Budapest Hungary at the Shidokan World Open. Up to that point, I haven't competed in Kata since the 1980s (never got higher than 3rd place). As I write this blog, I am sitting in a hotel in Texas after competed in Judo at the President's Cup in Texas. I am a Master's Athlete. Locally I competed successfully with the young guys up to age 47. I've competed in an IJF Veteran's World Championship (that experience showed me how big Judo is internationally and what is like to compete against guys who've done Judo as long as I've done my striking arts). I compete in the M4 category (age 45-49). Next year I will go up to M5 (as I hit 50). I am always finding a way to challenge myself and most importantly have fun. I am still setting goals for myself. In Judo, visually impaired athletes can compete. I've seen competitors in their 70s. So, I am still at it. Maybe one day I will get higher than 3rd place in Kata and get a medal in what Veterans Judo World Championships. Here's a clip from earlier today in Texas.


  1. Congratulations......As we get older our bodies and minds have to maintain a level of athleticism and in reality it is competing with ourselves as well as other combatants.

  2. I enjoy competing as much in my 40s as when I was 25. Winning is always fun!!!