Monday, November 16, 2015

Holm Defeats Rousey!

This past weekends UFC fight yielded a big upset because the best woman fighter of all time lost. First of all it's the media who said Rousey was the greatest of all time. I always said that the reason she was dominant was that in MMA she has not faced world class opposition. Prior to fighting Holly Holms, the only world class athlete she faced was Olympic Wrestler Sarah McMahan. Not discrediting any of her other opponents, but she beat many of them because she physically overwhelmed them. She cuts a lot of weight to fight at 135 lbs. As a Judoka she competed at around 150lbs. Fighting a fighter like Holly, she faced an athlete with a lot of professional experience and who kept the fight out of Rousey's skills set. Using her boxing and boxing skills, Holms was superior and she nullified Rousey's grappling. Was Rousey overhyped prior to her loss. A little bit. But what makes her defeat a big deal is that a lot of people don't like her attitude. She didn't touch gloves with her opponent at the beginning of the fight and instigated a shoving match at the weigh-ins. Unlike Floy Mayweather, who many didn't like, her haters got to see her lose.

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