Friday, November 13, 2015

Heavy Bag Training

How do you develop powerful punches, build strength, endurance and technique? The good old heavy bag. The benefits of bag training are tremendous. The bag is your best friend in training. It allows you to develop the necessary attributes you need to hit and gets you in great shape. When hitting the bag you and to snap your techniques creating a jolt to the bag. You don't want pushing power. The long bag allows low kicks and doesn't move a lot. The short bag will move. This allows you to time when your strikes. You want to move around the bag, working your foot work as you hit and use defensive maneuvers. You must imagine someone in front of you instead of just a bag. When working rounds on the bag, devote each round to a particular skill (i.e. stick and move, body shots, etc.). Sometimes work 10 or 15 straight and just flow. The bag provides resistance and overtime you hit your muscles contract and then relax. You are developing power and leverage as your body will learn the most efficient way to move in your execution of techniques. Lastly, regular bag work will destress you, invigorate you, and keep you peaceful (no road rage for you.


  1. Great advice! To this day I still love my solo bag training. Additionally, the heavy bag is a great place to recover an injury yet improve. I broke my right hand and knew I would be out for a while, yet my coach told me to go develop something weak while my hand healed. So, literally I worked on my left hook for weeks. I discovered I had knockout power in my left hook. Next fight....I crushed my guy with a left hook to the body. The heavy bag is a great developer.