Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Can I Get Better

A lot of young athletes seek the holy grail when it comes to training. They try all kinds of supplements, training routines they see top athletes do, etc. But the first thing I notice is lack of technique. We've all heard the philosophy that all being equal, the stronger athlete wins. In a perfect scenario, this may be true. But in all my years as a combat athlete, I've never seen that to be true. There are always guys who are stronger, faster, etc. than an opponent. One guy may be able to lift more, run longer, do more sit ups, but still his fear to fight prevents him from performing to his best. Another guy might half ass train but when because he just meaner than the other guy. My suggestion is to perfect your technique to the best of your ability before looking for some special tool to get you to that next level. If your technique is sound then you  know that you can count on it when all else fails. Do your cardio, strength and conditioning, etc. but develop your skills. And remember success comes from inside. Train your mind to think like a winner.

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