Friday, July 29, 2011

Want To Be A Champion?

There are a lot of fighters out there but there is only one Champ. Why is it that one fighter dominates and the other fighters just wish for it. Wishing, dreaming, hoping, and all that is great. To be a champion, you have to tell yourself that you are a winner and that you can beat everybody else. Once you have your basic foundation down and you have some experience, you have to say to yourself, "I am here and I am the best". To many fighters avoid the hard and tough fights and don't think their ready to step it up. I say go for it. To be the best, fight the best. It's a win win. If you lose, you know where you are and if your can play with the big boys. If you win, then that's even better. Wait and it will be too late. Look at the confidence of that the champions you idolize. The have big egos and believe in their abilities. I have seen a lot of gifted athletes never reach their potential because the didn't have the mental strength to do so. As I always say, "Believe it to achieve it"!

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