Thursday, July 21, 2011

Really Want To Learn Self Defense?

I was asked by someone the other day to teach some self defense moves. I tell people you can't go to a seminar and learn to defend yourself. You can practice a combat art for months or years and still not be able to defend yourself. Self defense is a mental projection of readiness. It is an attitude. Attackers prey on those who are not aware. Most of the violent encounters young men get into can be avoided. You guys know what I'm talking about (drink with your boys, go to the bar and look for a fight, or somebody talks to your girl and you want to beat him up). For the ladies, it can be very different. You go out with a new guy and he gets too touchy and you may have to fight him off. A lot of women want to learn self defense, but when they see students on the ground grappling, they don't want to do that "grappling stuff" and I say, "how are you going to learn self defense because if you get attacked, it will probably be some grabbing involved. My number one self defense rule: Study people! When you were a kid and came in after curfew, you knew by the look in your mother's face (without her saying it) what was coming. Be aware of your surroundings especially when your hanging out late at night (remember what your father said "nothing good happens at 1am in the morning").

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