Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Should You Spar?

Sparring can be done in many ways. Hard, light, medium, etc. You can spar kicks only, hands, only, hands and feet, clinching sparring, etc. The best way to spar is to put on the boxing gloves, headgear, shin and foot guards and go at it. Pad up well and use some contact. You don't have to give your partner brain damage, but be sure to make good body contact and 70% to the head. It is best to segment your sparring (i.e. hands only for a couple of rounds, kick only, hands and feet) to develop all areas. When doing light sparring you can get by without wearing headgear, but medium to hard sparring, wear one. Go to a boxing gym and watch some pros spar and you will see why they wear head gear. Remember that you need to created the atmosphere of a fight. Pad up well so you can create the intensity without the injury. Train hard.

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