Thursday, October 13, 2011

Judd Reid

Came accross an interesting Karate story about Karate Champion Judd Reid. I'd seen footage of him fighting in the World Kumite Organizations annual show. He is getting ready to do the 100 man kumite this month. I also saw some footage of him as a teenager pursuing a dream to go and train in Japan for 3 years as a live in student. You see will see in these clips, the present and the past and see a process of following a dream to be the best that one can be.

In competition
As a youth
Preparing for the 100 man kumite

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  1. There is a documentary being made about Judd's life long pursuit of martial arts due to be released later this year. It really is an amazing story beginning with his time as student in Japan in the 1990s under Sosai Mas Oyama and culminating with his completion of the 100 Man Kumite in 2011. The title of the doco will be Journey to the 100 Man Fight.