Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keep It Simple

In today's martial arts and fitness worlds, people are always looking for the next best or great thing. We all want somebody else's secrets to make us better. If the Champ does it this way, then I should is the thought. In many cases we can learn from the success of others. What we must remember is that our individual success requires us to travel on our own unique journey. We must apply ourselves and work hard to accomplish our goals. Many people look at the goals attained by others and get frustrated when they have the same right off the bat. They don't see the dues that one has to pay to get to the next level. We always what it right now, or we think we do. I do believe that if you really want something you will get it. Think about things that you didn't get and I'm sure if you take an honest look deep inside, you will find reasons why you didn't get it. Maybe you missed practice, didn't study enough, didn't rehearse your lines, etc. Now look at things you accomplished (not easily) and you will see that you paid the price to get it. Keep it simple folks, just work hard and never give up.

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