Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Traditional Martial Arts Don't Work

Before you get mad (those who are traditionalists) and curse at me, let me explain. The training methodology of traditional martial arts (kung fu, aikido, etc.) compared to modern martial arts (boxing, wrestling, etc.) is very different. In most traditional karate and tae kwon do schools training is done with a cooperative partner. In a boxing or kickboxing gym, training is done with a noncooperative partner. In aikido, techniques (locks and throws) are drilled with a non-resisting partner. In judo, locks and throws are trained against a resisting partner. Commercial martial arts schools are extremely careful and water down the training for liability reasons and so they don't scare students away. Give me a 10 year black belt from a commercial/traditional school and give me a 10 year Golden Glove boxer and I'll pick the boxer to come out on top in a fight. Why, because the boxer is used to getting hit, trains harder, and competes. Some martial arts think competition is unrealistic, but outside of real fighting it's the only way to test skills against an uncooperative opponent. For those who don't think so, go spar with a kickboxer and try your stuff.

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