Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old School and New School

I guess I'm getting older and I starting to say the stuff I heard from older guys when I was younger. We've all heard, "They don't make them like the used to" or "You young guys are soft". Of course these aren't true statements, I do have good reason to say them sometimes. As a former world champion and forever gym rat, I see a lot of young fighters wanting to be champions, but, they don't want to pay their dues. We see high level professionals and want to be like them. People don't take into account what those individuals did to get there. I was talking to a buddy of mine and we remember when you could go to any gym, walk in, ask to spar or workout and if you were good and represented yourself well, you were welcome. Now a days, dojos and gyms are full of folks who turn their noses at people from other gyms. I see 20 year olds with less than 10 amateur fights working as instructors and coaches. I see guys with no fight experience of any kind working corners and referring fights. You try to show a new guy how to do a jab and he wants to do the spinning back fist. You show him a low kick and he's trying to do a spinning hook kick. Folks are always asking "When am I testing for my next rank" (in the old days, you'd be waiting longer just for asking). Martial arts are a big business, but there has to be some integrity. It's cool to want to be part of the fight game, but pay your dues man. Walk the walk.

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