Thursday, August 9, 2012

Does Size Really Matter?

I see and read a lot about fighters cutting weight to fight at lighter divisions. The philosophy is to be at the top of a weight class and have a strength advantage. I don't agree with this. I belief that an athlete should train hard and eat right and whatever he/she weighs, he/she fights. When not competing, the athlete should be within 10 pounds of their fight weight. Having to lost 20 plus pounds (especially in a short period of time) is not good. I belief that one should work on skill development instead of trying to get a size/strength advantage. For most of my competitive career, I fought between 155 and 160 lbs. I even fought guys at 168-170 lbs. I feel that my foundation is solid and I don't rely on strength as the determining factor in my performance. I use timing, distancing, and accuracy more than speed and strength anyway. My goal is to work smarter and let opponents work harder. I've come across lighter fighters who were very strong and I've come across larger opponents that I didn't think were that strong. Train hard and develop your skills, eat well, and belief in your abilities. The belief will make you strong than your opponents.

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