Monday, August 20, 2012

Shidokan Atlanta's 1st Shidokan Cup Judo and Karate

This past Saturday marked Shidokan Atlanta's 1st Shidokan Cup tournament. This event took place after our Ultimate Judo tournament. I tagged the karate tournament onto a judo tournament as it was the only way to make it worthwhile. The karate dojos are so fragmented and in the past everytime I did an event featuring karate, I got small support from karate folks. This day went well, though. Shidokan Atlanta had support from it's brother dojos (Full Throttle and KBX) and World Yoshukai (Oxford AL). I thank you all for your support. I thank all the judo officials, coaches and players for coming out. We had competitors from SC, NC, GA, TN, and FL. There was a lot of action during the judo competiton. One choke submission ended with one competitor going to sleep. A couple of guys got injured during the judo action (one dislocated shoulder and another dislocated elbow). We had a few of our karate students trying judo for the first time and they all placed in the novice divisions. We included a kata division, where kids competed in team competition. Two Tang Soo Do stylist (brothers) placed first and put on a great performance. We had semi knockdown for kids and adults and they all put on a great performance. The highlight of the Karate tournament was a featured bare knuckle match between Eric Heegaard (NC) and Josh Skinner (from SC). Both guys put on a awesome 2 rounds of knockdown karate. Even though this was Josh's first time competing under this format, he should excellent technique and spirit of a warrior. Great job guys and thanks.

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