Friday, August 24, 2012

Jon Jones Declines Chael Sonnen

As many of you know, Dan Henderson had to pull out of then next UFC fight against Jon Jones due to an injury. In looking for a replacement fight, a couple of the top contenders turned down the fight, so they ask Sonnen. He accepts, but now the Champ Jones says, no he won't fight him on 8 days notice. In my mind, to be Champion you must be willing to take on all comers at the drop of a hat. In an earlier post, I said that world champions should be determined by tournaments. Get to baddest dudes in one event and on that day, see who walks away with the title. There's no planning for one guy. You deal with each opponent one at a time. When I was an active fighter I fought a former pro world champion in my fourth pro fight. When I started to fight for titles and defend them, I didn't care who my opponent was. I truly feel that if you are a world champion, then you should be willing to fight anybody at anytime. These guys I'm talking about are professional athletes who do this for a living.

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