Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Full Contact and Karate

In looking at the effectives on Karate, how do you determine what is and isn't effective. If students practice their bunkai (kata applications) or memorize their 1, 2 and 3 step self defense combinations will they be able to defend themselves? Let me answer for you, NO! Look at the evolution of combat sports in martial arts. Judo developed as a sport where combatants could practice full force against a noncompliant partner. Full contact karate is the same for karate folks. The problem with the karate commmunity is that most of them don't want to fight. Everybody who gets in submission wrestling or boxing will end up sparring whether they compete or not. These sports are practiced as they would be used against an opponent. It is real, not so cerebral that you end up with a lot of theories. It is what it is. Full contact gives karate meaning. I wanted to share an article with you that I read some time ago. Enjoy!

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