Monday, October 29, 2012

Stronger Punchers (Boxing Or Karate)

I always hear Karate guys saying gloved fighting is so different than without in that Boxers will injure their hands easier than the Karate guy. First of all, Boxing is a speciality art that specializes in "Punching". The object is to use the hands to do damage. The hands hit things 95% of the time (except in shadow boxing). The hands are wrapped for support and different types of gloves are used for training (bag, sparring, etc.). Daily bag work and sparring means you throw a lot of punches. And these punches are thrown with power. So, the hands are actually developed and are strong. Boxers usually have big knuckles. The Karateka will condition his/her hands by knuckle push ups (Boxers do them too) and hitting makiwara boards. But let me tell you this, they can still injure their hands like any boxer. It is a misconception that their hands are better prepared for bare knuckle fighting.

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