Friday, October 19, 2012

Why I do Judo?

The art of Judo is my grappling base. I have trained with martial artists from other grappling styles (wrestling, BJJ, etc.) and I incorporate techniques from these other styles into my overall grappling style. Being a kickboxer and tae kwon do guy for many years, I feel that judo goes well with what I do. When two guys are exchanging punches many times a clinch will take place. In the case of muay thai where you can grab and knee, clinch training is crucial. Judo gives me many options from this position. When I competed in Shidokan Triathlon tournaments (karate, kickboxing, grappling), during the karate phase, judo came into play. We had to wear a gi, kicks were allowed to the entire body, no punches to the head (because this was bare knuckle), and clinching and throwing are allowed. Judo also provides balance and by knowing what removes balance you can better defend take downs. Many people see judo as more of a throwing art and they don't think much of judo's ground game. I've been fortunate to train with judo coaches and players who approach the art and sport with a balance. The great thing about judo is that you develop skills in both areas so that if you face someone better in one area, you have a back up. Since I know longer compete in full contact hitting sports, I am still able to get out on the mats and compete in judo. I am humble because the dominance I had as a kickboxer is not the same for this sport. Everytime I train with my judo friends I learn something new. In my 40s, I still have an competitve outlet that allows me to gain new experiences.

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