Friday, June 7, 2013

Competiton Is The Best Way To Learn How To Fight

Sparring, training, etc. are ways to learn fighting skills. But what is the best way to learn how to fight? Fighting! Sparring is close to it but competiting against an opponenet hell bent on doing damage to you can't be replicated. I see a lot of guys spar and think that they are pretty good only to their bubble busted when they step into the ring and see that the intensity is different against an opponent going all out. The adrenaline, intent, emotions (fear, anger, etc.) are the same. The unpredictable nature of competiton is as close as one can get to a real altercation. I know, the self-defense experts say that sport fighting isn't like the real thing. But, it's the closest. Also, notice that these experts ususally have no competition experience. A good boxer knows what he can do to you with one punch and a good grappler knows you are toast when he puts two hands on you. This is because these fighters have years of training and experience doing what they do. The martial artists who've played fighter and drilled with their friends in the gym, can make their punches and kicks knock guys out like they think. They have have to competed and do it in an environment that allows one to get knocked out in order to be able to deal with it.

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