Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boxing For Martial Artists

What single martial arts has been the biggest help in my other arts? Boxing. The attributes learned from boxing greatly enhance other martial arts. I've been a Tae Kwon Do player, a kickboxing, a thai boxer, a judo player, a mixed martial artist (Shidokan Triatlon). In all of these disciplines I've been able to apply boxing principles. Boxing improves hand eye coordination, cardio, mental and physical toughness, motor skills, reaction, and timing. Even though I haven't fought a boxing bout since 1998, I continue to practice the sweet science daily. The rope, the bag, the pads, the shadow boxing, the sparring (much lighter these days), and the exercises help me in everything. It's great excersise and great cardio. On top of all of this, it's great for stress relief and keeps me calm and peaceful.

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