Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Hard Should You Spar?

How hard should one in the gym? If you are inexperience you should NOT be sparring hard. Why? Because you will fight and usually with emotions. You get hit hard, you get mad, and all you want to do is get even. You're not thinking about working combinations, head movement, stance, etc. You feel embarrassed because you think people are watching, so you lose focus on your opponent and think about how you look in front of your girl friend because you brought her to the gym to watch you workout. Don't say you've never done it. I understand, because I've done it. Back to the topic. You should learn from your sparring sessions. You should work on something each round you work. You should be able to evaluate what is going right and what's going wrong. Start out nice and easy and increase the intensity over time. How much time? 6 months to a year. That sounds like a long time but it takes about a year to learn a new skill (i.e. boxing) and be able to do things under pressure (correctly). Watching 2 pro boxers spar you can see intensity but there is no emotion. They are focused and working on things. Sure they are going hard but it's a controlled violence. Now don't you try to do that right off. That takes time. For now focus on a skill to work during your rounds. No matter what, try to work that skill set until you are comfortable and then move on to another skill. Sparring is not fighting.

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