Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boxing, The Roughest Combat Sport

In all of the combat sports, I've trained and competed in, I will tell you that boxing is the hardest. Now, when I say hardest, I'm not saying Karate, MMA, Judo, BJJ, and any other discipline is not hard too. All of these discipline require hard work, skill, and dedication. But, boxing is a different animal. The training involved for a professional boxer is on a higher level than most of these disciplines. Being an olympic sport and a big money maker for those good enough, the skill level to become a high level boxer, exceeds most other combat sports. I trained with Olympic medalists and top contenders for over a decade. I've seen other combat athletes (i.e. Kickboxing World Champions) try their hand a professional boxing with hopes of becoming a world champion. Didn't happen and usually won't. Now, there have been a couple of fighters to hold titles in Kickboxing and Boxing (but, it boxing, their reign was short and they didn't have the dominance they had in kickboxing). People are always arguing which is better, MMA or Boxing and what not. They are different sports. Sure people will say Randy Couture beat James Toney, as an example. But it was a boxer (with no grappling experience) fighting a former UFC champion. Then there is Ray Mercer, who lost to Kimbo Slice, but KOed Tim Sylvia. There was a fight show years ago in Japan, which featured former boxers against K-1 fighters. Mind you, these boxers were past their prime and had no knowledge of kicking. Matches like these give fans a false impression. You never see the other martial artists challenge boxers to a boxing match. Why? Because the wouldn't last 2 rounds. I've seen this for years. All other martial artists who come into boxing gyms, always envy the skills and toughness of boxers. Once again, I say all combat sports at a high level is difficult, but know hurt as bad as boxing.

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