Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Important Styles Of Full Contact Fighting

If you were to ask me which styles are essential to all around full contact fighting this would be my list. Boxing - Best punching techniques, reaction, timing conditioning Judo - Best throwing techniques (especially with clothing), good position control, quick submissions Wrestling - Specilizes in take downs (especially taking away one's base) and position control, BJJ - Specializing in ground submission (unique in it's approach to fighting from one's back) Kickboxing - The rhythm of boxing combined with the most powerful kicks of traditional martial arts (round, front, side, spin back, spin hook). The only hand traditional technique modified for this discipline is the spinnng back kick. Muay Thai - Shin kicks to leg, body and head; clinching specialty; knee and elbow strikes There are other disciplines: Russian Sambo, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), etc., and most of these styles are based on the list given above (having some influence from this major styles). So, pick a 2 or 3 from my list between striking and grappling arts to have a well rounded fighting style.

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