Monday, October 28, 2013

When Is The Right Time To Fight?

Let's say you've been training for a while and a fight opportunity comes up. You get asked if you want to fight. What do you say? You might say you're not ready yet, you need more time. The next time an opportunity comes up, you do the same thing. After a while, opportunities are far and few between until they stop coming up. What happened? By the time you are ready and got the fight game figured out, you have your confidence and you feel that your conditioning is perfect, nobody wants to fight you. No, what really happened is that promoters and your coach thinks you are afraid and they don't bother asking you anymore. Once you decide to compete, be ready to just do it. What the worst that can happen? Oh, I forget. One could have that little bothersome thing, losing, happen. Why do we compete? Sure, everybody wants to win, but somebody has to lose. And in my mind you only truly lose when you do even try. So, get out there and do it, so 20 years later you won't be saying you coulda, whoulda, shoulda.

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