Monday, November 10, 2014

If You Call Yourself The Best, Compete Against The Best

This past weekend, boxing legend Bernard Hopkins fought the "Crusher" Sergey Kovalov at age 49. Even though he lost, he showed what a champion is supposed to do, and that is challenge himself against the best competition. Unlike a lot of the other champions out their, who avoid top opposition he has fought top guys most of his career. To be the best you have to fight the best. We here the argument of money being made as the reason we don't see top match ups. But that's B.S. Guys like Mayweather fight for crazy money. He was the highest paid athlete in 2013. With the type of money he makes he could have retired already. With that being said it is not about the money. A champion is supposed to fight whoever the top guys in his division is. Better yet they should put the top 8 guys in a tournament (like they did a couple of years back with the Supermiddleweights where Andre Ward won) and let them fight to a finalist. That way we know who's the best on a given day.

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