Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Excuses

People tend to find time for the things they want to do and put off those things that don't want to do. It is just that simple. Many will way they don't have time to train. Sure, you may not have the optimal time available to you, but you can create the time. Travel, bad weather, no car, etc. are not excuses. I spent years riding the bus to practice (90 min one way). I've driven 90 min one way to train at different places. I've trained at 6am before work, trained at lunch time and have trained at night after work. On vacation I train first thing in the morning, while everyone else is asleep. The only thing that will prevent me from training is being sick. So, remember that you can always find time to train. Anything that you really want to do, you can do.

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