Monday, April 25, 2016

Pioneers of Muay Thai In Atlanta

In looking at the art and sport of Muay Thai in Atlanta. The earliest fighters that I know of who were competing international in Atlanta were Tony Reed and Larry McFadden. Both these guys would fight in kickboxing (above the waist rules), international kickboxing (with low kicks) and Muay Thai (with clinching, knees and elbows). I met both of these guys in the late 80s and the famous Asa's Gym in Atlanta. Asa's gym was the place to train if you kick boxed. My first experience sparring with low kicks was with Tony and some guys at Dennis Palmer's gym. Dennis is a lifelong martial artist and trainer. He was also a prominent referee for kickboxing and Muay Thai. Larry fought some of the best fighters of that era (Rob Kaman, Dennis Alexio, etc.) and Tony trained and competed in Holland (the hot bed of kickboxing in Europe). I will credit these 2 fighters as the pioneers of Muay Thai In Atlanta.

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