Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When To Finish An Opponent

When should one look for push for a finish in a fight? Do you start out throwing bombs at the very beginning. When you have have an opponent hurt or sense intense fatigue is when you pour it on to look for a finish. Keep in mind at the beginning of a match, the opponent is fresh and sharp. I'm not saying that a knockout can't happen early, but this is not common. Many times you can't knock a guy down early and they can recover and continue fighting like it never happened. It is harder to recover from punishment once the body is fatigued. So, if you hurt someone early on, be sure that you don't gas out trying to force a finish that is not there. They are trying to protect themselves and will look to run, hold, and do whatever to survive. You have to asses the situation and still pick your shots and determine it is time to finish or continue softening your opponent up.

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