Wednesday, April 13, 2016

To Be Better Compete And Train With The Best

In looking back at my competitive career I better see that I have had the pleasure of competing and training with some of the best.  Many in martial arts will have their opinion on what art has the best punches, kicks, throws, submissions, etc. Some may compete in one combat sport and think that they've faced a good puncher or kicker (in kickboxing for example). I am lucky to have some cool and always humbling experiences. I've been punched by Olympic and world class professional boxers. I've kicked against some of the top Tae Kwon Do players (U.S. Team members). I've experienced the hand and foot combinations of several World Champion Kickboxers, I've feel the clinch of champion Muay Thai fighters, I've been thrown by top Judoka (including a couple of Olympians). I been twisted like a pretzel by a World BJJ Champion. Through competition and training I've been humbled many times and at the same time I've been truly blessed. I have trained in the martial art for 42 years and I am still learning.

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