Friday, May 20, 2016

Heart and Spirit

It's a given that you have to be in shape for fighting. Everybody works out. Some harder than others. But what is most important in fighting? Is it the fighters who has the state of the art equipment? Is it the fighting who has several coaches? Sure these things are helpful, but I think heart and spirit are most important. With those 2 things, comes the will to win. I know a lot of strong athletes who fold when things are no longer easy and they can rely on athleticism. Once you get tired, the will to win is what propels you forward. You will eventually feel pain, fatigue, etc. It is your spirit that will pull you through the fires of doubt. Continue to train with all of your special devices, coaches, etc. But, make time to focus from the inside out. Visualize and meditate on finding your inner power because you will find that it is just as important as your outer power.

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