Monday, May 23, 2016

Left Hook To The Liver

One of the most effect punches in fighting is the liver shot. The punch is a combination of a hook and uppercut. This is also known as a shovel punch because of the upward angle it lands. Unlike a punch to the head (which may or may not hurt), the liver punch hurts instantly when hit causing the diagram to release all air. You can't breath and you feel like quitting. The liver is located on right side of the body right at the 9th and 10th lower ribs (floating ribs).  The vagus nerve is also affected by the liver shot causing chemical reactions in the nerves sending a shockwave along the vagal nerve network. This can cause of loss of breath or temporary paralysis. Pain, high stress, dehydration and digestive problems can occur. Blunt force can crush blood vessels and lacerations of the liver (internal bleeding). Below is a clip of one of might kickboxing bouts with the late Larry Jarrett. Larry was an international and world champion as well as a pro boxer. You will see me land a head kick first which dazes him and then you will see a liver shot land. Notice the difference in how his body responds to the 2 blows. Now he does recover and continued to fight (this is rare because most opponents I hit with liver shots did not).

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