Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Money Vs. Notorious In Boxing

You may heard about the possibility of Floyd and Conner boxing. They say anything can happen in sports, but it is next to impossible that he can beat floyd in a boxing match. Even if Floyd was 60 and fat. In the times were MMA is seen as the sport of the future and superior to boxing, only those who've never sparred with an Olympian (or local state champion) would say that. I have seen combat athletes try to cross over to boxing, mainly kick boxers. Even though boxing is part of kickboxing the skill level of pure boxers in the punching department tends to be superior. I'm not saying the combat athlete coming to boxing has no chance. But, unless you've started boxing a young age, it is doubtful (not impossible) that you will become an Olympic level or successful pro boxer. We've seen good pure athletes become successful in some of the other combat sports, but this almost never the case in boxing. Back to the Conner and Floyd fight. Of course he should take the fight against Floyd if the opportunity arises. It will definitely be worth his while. But to zero pro boxing matches against a fighter of Floyd's caliber, come on.

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