Thursday, May 12, 2016

This Style Vs. That Style

On Facebook and Youtube, I always see videos posted showing style vs. style. I see Muay Thai vs. Taekwondo, Kyokushin Vs. Karate, MMA Vs. Kickboxing, etc. These are intended to give one the impression that one style is superior to another. If a Taekwondo athlete (primarily a kicker) fights a kick boxer (primarily boxing with some kicks) and losses in a kickboxing match, it seems like the kick boxer is superior.

In most cases you always see the style that they are trying to make look bad having a fighter fight the rules of the style they are trying to display as superior. You never see the kick boxer competing under teakwondo rules. If they one day competed under one fighter's rules and the other fighters's ruleset it would most likely come out 50/50. The great MMA Heavyweight Fedor defeated many fighters who were champions at their individual disciplines. He beat top rated K-1 kick boxers, Olympic level wrestlers and judoka. He beat these athletes in MMA. But how would he fair against them in their individual specialties? Most likely he would have the opposite result.

You can be a kickboxing champion, but that doesn't mean you can be a boxing champion. There a very few to achieve titles in both sports (with none being dominate in both for a long time). So, before you criticize an art, go and compete in it for a while. If you find it easy to win against a well trained opponent, then make a video or comment.

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