Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you want to win?

What makes one guy win over another? The both train, they eat right, they run, etc. The know the techniques of their sport. But what causes one guy to win over another. As a competitor, you will always find someone who's stronger, faster, more flexible, etc. Outside of physical traits, I think it boils down to the mind. Believing that you will win, never accepting defeat, and always believing you can win. I've worked the corner of fighters and I could always tell when they were done. After a few hard rounds of a tough fight, some will break down and give up mentally. They give in to pain and fatigue and lose focus of the reason why they are competing. The forget that, "I am in this to win". You can be losing a fight and know you're behind, but you have to say to yourself that it's not over and I will continue to find that one shot that will give me victory. The most important thing is your fighting spirit. Never give up, never accept defeat before the final bell. As long as your are fighting, you have a chance to win. If you give up mentally, only then, did you truly lose.

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