Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pay The Price To Be A Star

Every since I've been in combat sports, young athletes have always said they wanted to be fighters and champions. People see champions on TV and because they like the sport, they set their eyes on being one too. But, rarely have I seen athletes train like champions. I was fortunate to be in gyms where top level fighters trained as I learned boxing and kickboxing. The top guys were extremely self motivated and worked out differently than everyone else. Guys come in the gym, take their time getting ready, talk to all of their buddies (while working out) and go through the motions of training. The discipline of movement is not the same. People see a guy with a belt, but they don't look at what the guy went through to win that belt. They see the prize and don't think about the journey. Sometimes a champion may forget about the journey. Successful people sometimes forget about where they came from, but they still come from humble beginnings. This means that you have to study, work hard and believe in yourself when others don't. You have to drive on through hard times and never stop believing. Famous Boxing coach, Freddie Roach said, "If a guy walks into his gym and doesn't think he is going to be world champion, then he won't".  Many will say that they want to be the best, but they really don't (want to work hard at it). They get in there and compete and they find out that there are a lot of good fighters out there. When the going gets tough, they quit. So, watch the top guys train. See how they carry themselves and ask them questions. Don't look at the end product and focus on that, but look at the journey too. And as the old saying goes, "If it was easy, everybody would be doing it." Now, get in the gym and train!

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