Sunday, March 13, 2011

Single Fights Or Tournaments To Find A Champion

In order for a fighter to be a world champion, I think tournament style fights are better. When fighting an individual for a title, fighters learn about their opponent, study film, ask other people about their opponent and come up with a game plan. Sometimes a fighter doesn't really have to be that good. All they need is a promoter to promote them, find an organization that will give them a title shot, and a match maker that will put them in place to fight for a title. In a tournament, you get several good fighters fighting for the top spot. I've had the opportunity to fight in international tournaments that hosted several world champs. To win such an event let's you know that you are fighting top competition from around the globe. You never know who you will face until fight night. You can't look past anybody, because the least popular guy might be the toughest fight you've had. So, my vote to find the champ goes to tournament style championships.

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