Friday, June 10, 2011

Larry Jarrett

I was talking to my friend Marshall Davis (owner of KBX gym in Alpharetta GA) and we talked about former Kickboxing champions. He mentioned Larry Jarrett, a tough fighter from Florida that I fought several years ago. Come to find out he passed away earlier this year. Larry came up in Karate and boxed and kickboxed. He was none for being one of the most durable fighters of his time. He became a World Champion, a fireman, husband and father. Here's the video of our match. This was for the ISKA Full Contact Rules U.S. Light Middleweight title in Doraville GA, 1997. I knocked him down twice in round 1 and he recovered and managed to finish the fight strong. He was truly a tough one because he's the only guy that I didn't finish after knocking them down. This was a nine round brawl. After the 4th round, I knew I wasn't going to get the KO, so I had to win on points. Larry came out harder each round. Tough dude folks. He fought champs like Dave Marinoble, Paul Biafore, and more on his way to becoming a world champion. Rest in peace, Champ.

IKF write up on Larry
Me and Larry fighting

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