Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Conditioning For Your Sport

What's the best way to get in shape for a specific sport? Doing that sport. Everything is supplemental. I have worked out with guys that I could bench more than and felt stronger than from a push and pull stand point. But when punched or kicked by them, it felt like getting kicked by a mule. I once saw a boxer in his 40s who hadn't been in a ring in 10 years, walk in the gym and spar with an active fighter and handle him with ease. Now I'm not saying to do all your cool exercises and conditioning routines. What I would like to say is that once you perfect your sport you develop a way of delivering power that goes beyond how much you can run or lift. By mastering the basics of your craft, your body develops the most efficient method for you do what you do. Athletes learn to transfer energy without pure force. It adapts to the duration of the activity and learns how to preserve enough energy to do the task. So, keep this in mind when you go to do the latest conditioning routine that the sports scientist suggest. Listen to that old guy in the gym who's been doing what your trying to do for a lifetime.

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