Monday, August 1, 2016

Why You Never Lose

In competition sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But a loss is not a bad thing. Sure everybody wants to win and it sucks to lose sometimes. You have a 50/50 chance of one or the other so, let's look at winning and losing in a different light. You practice and train to prepare yourself for something. You get out there and lay it on the line. You've been training for weeks alongside your team the closer you get to the event, the team becomes smaller and smaller and sometimes you're the only one who shows up when it's time to perform. Your teammates came up with excuses of why they didn't but you did. You get out there and people are watching and judging you. You deal with your fears and emotions and do your best. You test yourself against another person who went through the same thing as you. So when you look at it this way you're a winner. You did something most people would never do.

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